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Scott V. Adrian has been building the “Orbem” universe for half a decade now. As he has been forced not to write the continuation of his novel series “The Homonian Chronicles” due to editing phases and or promotional release schedules, he has put time into creating content and other media related to the Orbem world and it’s characters.

Orbem Explore

One outlet for Scott V. Adrian’s time has been developing a simple pixel art style video game embedded directly into his website called “Orbem Explore”.

This video game was originally developed as an accompanying game after you read the novel “Orbem”. It gives you a little extra dialogue from four of the main characters in Orbem as they interact with various landmarks and other characters on the Orbem map.

The Future: Orbem Explore 2.0

Scott V. Adrian has been inspired to spend his spare time to further develop “Orbem Explore”. His vision is to not have the game just be a way for people to continue their Orbem experience after reading the book, but instead become a standalone video game that people might find first and choose to read the book afterwards.

What to expect from the new game?

Orbem Explore will become a full sized 2D Pixel Art RPG following the story of “Orbem”. You will play as Dr. Graeme Milford as he is forced to run to another universe to escape death at the hands of his dangerous CEO.

You’ll be able to use teleportation, weapons and magic as you navigate the different maps and engage dangerous security bots, wild animals in Blackclaw Forest, Elves, and more!

There will be mini games and boss battles you’ll need to conquer as you progress and gain experience, gear, weapons and spells. Leveling up will make your journey easier as things get harder.

The best part? The game will also progress over time! Since it is integrated into, we’ll be able to add updates and new levels as the book series continues.

Wait…I can watch Scott V. Adrian build this?

YES! Scott V. Adrian wanted to document the development of this one-of-a-kind WordPress based RPG as well as teach anyone who wants to join him about WordPress programming or Vanilla JS / SCSS styling.

You can catch the streams on either:

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