Scott Adrian

I couldn’t have an accurate bio unless I mentioned my family first.

My wife is an extremely intelligent person who pushes me to do more and better with my life. My daughters are an endless source of joy and imagination. Without them I couldn’t imagine my work being any good.

Like Graeme, I came from an unremarkable upbringing. I was generally happy and was raised to work for what you want.

I was allowed to indulge in media at an early age, leading to my love of cartoons and fantasy. While my mother was a big book reader, she never pressured me to share that hobby of hers. One hobby we did share was going to the movies. I never missed the big fantasy/animated releases including any star wars, harry potter, lord of the rings and super hero flicks.

Later in my teens I found a love of anime. I love anime. I believe a lot of my story structure and flow can be attributed to the hundreds of anime series I’ve binged. I also think the only reason I can read so well is due to subtitles. I can’t handle many dubbed animes.

I began reading seriously late in life. Before the age of 28, I had only read 2 fantasy novels. Starting with a few audio books, I eventually got hooked on scifi/fantasy novels. I quickly read 20 or so books, before getting the feeling that I was being unproductive. I decided to just jump in and write my own novel.