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I made it to Gillimank! I didn’t spend much time looking around when I visited before. I should go check out Orbem Academy. Maybe I could peek at more of Professor Vascas’s Homonian book collection.

Ah, it is great to be back home. I can smell the knowledge! I hope I do not run into my horrid niece. I need to make sure my students know I am alive and well. I have missed too many classes since my journey with my earthling friends.

Oh Gillimank! It’s Huge! Noth’n like Caninth Village. I sure miss me mum. I should’ve brought some more spiced hynta meat for the trip. I’m sure to get lost if I go wandering around this place.

So this is what Gillimank looks like up close. I wonder how many citizens will run screaming in fear of my arrival? In awe of my power and beauty! Maybe I should turn myself invisible to avoid a panic. Syrinae would have loved eating that little guy over there….I miss her so.

Whoa! The pool where Froshile was stuck. I heard he was trying to sell Genie’s serum off as his own. Hopefully not getting into too much trouble back home. Looks like the pool refilled nicely. I can still hear the terrible screams of my friends being attacked by pixies. I should go.

Oh, I am not sure I want to stick around this place. I almost suffocated on a pixie! It sure was shocking when we found Froshile in this pool. He sure was rough, by Meridian standards. Ah! I hear that horrid buzzing sound again!

Ah thank Homonian, a pool! I’m right thirsty. *Drinks from pool*
That hits the spot. Hm, interesting flavor this pool has. Reminds me of something….I can’t put my claw on it. Oh that’s right! Kinda tastes like Froshile. Oh. A bit disturbing that is.

Hm. This looks like a decent place to take a break and contemplate one’s future. The hundreds of pixie remains are a nice touch. So. War. Graeme. Cowardly Homonians. I’ll probably need to reincarnate Syrinae soon. There is much to deal with in my future.

Spinebeck Village. I better be careful. These Harilizards can be very ornery. Ever since Ioana and Genie were caught running around here, security has been tight. I would like to practice my Graltinude though. Maybe I will just pop in for a bit.

Oh look, it’s Spinebeck Village. Ioana told me about this place. Maybe I’ll stick around for a little workout. She mentioned they don’t like outsiders. I bet they’ll put up a good fight. Making movies, making songs and fight’n round the world!

Look at all those Harilizards! If these lot are as nice as Ms. Sioannah, I’m sure I’ll have a great time here. Sign says “Spinebeck Village”. Sounds familiar. Oh, a couple nice Harilizards are coming by to greet me already. Hello, friends! I’m Corinder Graytuft of the Graytuft Caninths. Nice staffs you have there. Ah! Why’re you shoot’n at me friends? Ouch. Ah! Alright I’m going, I’m going!

Yuck. A whole village of those kind. Never understood how the noble and powerful behemoth Dragons were related to them. Ugh the smell emanating from this village is enough to make one light it a flame….Not a bad idea really. *Cough cough* Oh! I can’t even stay here long enough to destroy them.

My home away from home. These barracks have served me well in my stay in Orbem. We were getting attacked by security robots every few days until recently. I’m pretty sure I got rid of the last one. Ioana wasn’t too happy about being stuck in a red orb. I guess she didn’t find it as relaxing as John did.

I cannot believe I am actually here! The Homonian base. So much history took place here. I need to get Graeme to grant me entry into this relic of the past. If it was not for the thousands of deceased victims lying around this would be a beautiful place. I will check a window.

Ah my old stomp’n grounds. I’ve spent a minute rummaging through these old bones for scrap. I remember meet’n Mr. Graeme here. This building sure is spooky though. I could hear strange noises coming from these wall. Graeme said it was probably just security bots. Whatever those are.

Yes. The Homonian stronghold. I remember those cowards holding themselves in here. Hiding like the rats they are. If I wasn’t commanding a grand army I would’ve destroyed this building with them in it. Oh shoot is that Graeme in the window? Gotta go!

Hey, there’s uncle Aster’s farm. I wonder if the provets are around. Man I loved riding those. I’ve never rode something so fast and smooth.

So this is where the porvets came from. Oh I see the my big bugger over there! Hey friend, how have you been? Wow, so many porvets. Look at the little scamps with their mum. I sure love the forest, but maybe I could get used to farm life?

It is great to be back at my uncle’s farm. I used to spend days here riding every porvet on the ranch. I wonder if the old Hari-man is around. Oh hello there missy. You are looking quite lovely. I would love to take your for a ride, but I believe I will continue walking for now.

Oh. A ranch. Full of domesticated beasts. How quaint. The smell is horrible. I do fancy a nocturnal version of one of these “porvets”, I believe they’re called. Much sharper claws though. Perhaps a few more eyes as well.

Ah, the happiest place in Orbem. Caninth Village. I can just smell the tasty meats waiting for me to eat. I should really go say hi to me mum. I know she’s been worried after the adventure I’ve had. Could use a nap as well. And some meat.

Great to be home. The first place I felt accepted in Orbem. The Caninth sure are a lovely species. I could use a giant Jeroke hug right now. He’s probably too busy. Well I should check in with the others. I’m sure they’re at Corinder’s or that new bar Genie started. Some dwice doesn’t sound half bad.

The lovely Caninth Village. I never thought I would spend so much time with the Caninth. Growing up as a hari-lady in the grasslands my parents warned me about the ferocious Caninth in the trees of Blackclaw Forest. They are simply a lovely species. Perhaps I will stop in to say hello to Jeroke.

Look at this monstrosity! Horrible pure iron all over. My skin is crawling just being near it. I always wanted to enter Caninth Village and give life to the nightmares they have of me. I’ll have to settle for myth for now.

Ioana! What are you doing out here? You can’t be standing around alone. Oh, Genie is meeting you here? Alright I guess you two ladies have proven yourselves enough to hold your own in Orbem. I’m going to walk around more.

Hello there, miss, how have you been? Heard you and Genie were running around, but didn’t figure you’d be com’n out this far. So good to have you back miss. I’m going to look around some more. Cheers!

Ms. Ioana it is lovely as always to run into you. Having an adventure of your own are you? Oh, you are waiting for Genie. Maybe I will come join you when I am finished exploring Orbem a bit more. See you soon, dear.

Well hello again Ms. Negrescu. No hard feelings for poisoning you I hope? Yes, I’ll just leave you be. Ah! No need to strike me I’m going!

Back off Forno! You and your Redfang chumps don’t run Blackclaw Forest! Just because I’m not around to keep you thugs in check as much, doesn’t mean Jeroke aint the Grand clan leader. Now off with you or I’ll call the Blue Flash Blade to teach you another lesson.

Now I have heard of you, Mr. Redfang. Do not give me and my friend’s dear Corinder any trouble! My appearance might be weak, but I am sure you have been warned of the Hari-ladies dragon strength. Pray I shall not have to use it on you.

Fear me Caninth for I am your living nightmare. KOROMERE! Remember what you parents told you. Eat your VEGETABLES! Don’t stay up LATE! Wash your paws DILIGENTLY! Oh he ran away.

If it isn’t my old friend Forno…oh he ran away.

Welcome to Wonderland. I still can’t believe Schmelwick thought name was a good idea. I wonder if Quarland is around. Even though he’s Elven royalty, I kind of took a liking to him. Uh oh there’s some guards coming. Better hide.

So this is where those retched Elves that captured me, Genie and Ioana reside. I can not help but respect the historical value this castle, Wonderland, has in Orbem. I believe I can see the dragon rider’s stables in the distance. What a horrible time for my ancestors.

Ah, the mighty Wonderland. A powerful military base specifically developed to keep me and my creatures at bay. I could level this entire forest with a wave of my beautifully manicured hand if I felt it pertinent. Lucky for them I have more use for their idiotic brutality and crude magic.

Would you look at that. What a massive castle in the middle of the forest no less. Better be careful, I strayed off the neutral path. If’n an Elf were to catch me here I’d be in right trouble. Wonder if Graeme’s friend Quarland is still run’n the joint. Ah! A journeyman is coming.

My lovely castle, Castle Darkness. Usually I would’ve felt immense pleasure returning back to my home. After my fight with Graeme, I lost more than my home. Not having my faithful pet, Syrinae, to greet me is uncomfortable. All the more reason to continue my plans of revenge!

Incredible. Graeme explained it, but I never imagined I would see Koromere’s Castle Darkness in such a state. While I cannot blame Graeme for its destruction, I do wish he had moved his fight with Koromere to a less historically significant location. I think I will take a tiny piece for the academy museum. Ah! That was a creature.

Well this place has seen better days. I transported away before I saw the full collapse. I hope we didn’t destroy the table of Norinthe. Maybe I can dig it out and bring it back to the barracks for safe keeping. I’ll never get used to how dark this forest is. Better run before Koromere finds me.

This place still gives me the willies. Even without Kkk…Kkkkor, well without that person here I still get right scare out of it. Suppose this is the last place Syrinae was alive. Sure do miss her. I’d do just about anything to see her again. Better be on my way. Looks like rain is falling on me face.

Hey Scarlett, how are you? I gotta go walk around Orbem some more, but I’ll see you really soon!

Hm. Is this a fairy? No matter I should be on my way.

I do not believe I have encountered a fairy of this sort before. She is absolutely adorable. Your name is Scarlett you say? Well I will have to catalogue your existence back at the academy. Goodbye cutie.

Well hello there little one. Who might you be? Don’t worry us Caninth are quite friendly. You wouldn’t be in cahoots with those horrible Elves would ya? You be careful to watch out for pixies. Nasty little things they are.