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Orbem Dog Tested

We know that nobody asked the question, but due to unforeseen events the answer has been given. Are large breed dogs part of the Orbem demographic? Unfortunately after one case study with a 60 pound Black Labrador Retriever, we can conclusively say that NO the SciFi Fantasy novel Orbem (now available on amazon) written by […]

Author spotlight

Check out this all new author spotlight on Scott V. Adrian. There’s an interesting Q&A about Scott and gives a little insight into his process for writing Orbem. If you get to the end you might even get a sneak preview of the future of the Homonian Chronicles!

Orbem is published!!!

Yes after years of development, the long awaited SciFi Portal Fantasy Orbem, is now officially published and open to the public. You can pick up your copy right now on amazon! It’s available as both paper back and kindle versions so you can read it anywhere, anytime. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to […]

Orbem publishes Friday!

Orbem countdown screenshot.

It’s been a crazy few years, but after all this time, Orbem is finally going to publish to the world. All current preorders will instantly be fulfilled to your Kindle library so you can start reading right away! For those who prefer the feel of a physical copy and want this beautiful artwork for their […]

As Seen On – Library of a Viking

Hey everyone, as Orbem’s release gets closer and closer you should start seeing the SciFi novel written by Scott V. Adrian on various channels. We’d love to thank Library of a Viking for allow us to sponsor one of his videos to get the word out about this publishing. If any one visiting OrbemOrder.com are […]

Orbem is finished!

count down

Yes, like the title says, Orbem, the Sci-Fi Portal Fantasy written by Scott V. Adrian has been finalized for release. With a little more than a month until its publish date on Amazon the final typesetting and graphic work has been finished for both the paper back and e-book formats. There are plenty of beautiful […]

Unleashing “Castle Darkness”: A Majestic Power Metal Anthem Inspired by Scott V. Adrian’s “Orbem”

Greetings, metalheads! Brace yourselves for an epic musical journey into the realms of power metal, as we proudly announce the release of the electrifying single, “Castle Darkness.” Inspired by the mystical castle where the malevolent sorcerer Koromere resides, as vividly depicted in Scott V. Adrian’s captivating book, “Orbem,” this song will transport you to a […]

Orbem Merch Available Now!

Immerse Yourself in the Sci-Fi Fantasy World of Orbem with New Merch Available on OrbemOrder.com! Greetings, fellow adventurers and lovers of fantastical realms! We have thrilling news that will transport you to the captivating universe of Orbem, the sci-fi fantasy novel written by the talented author Scott V. Adrian. OrbemOrder.com, the exclusive online store dedicated […]

New music dropped. The Caninth.

You can now hear The Orbem Order’s first single “The Caninth” on all of your music platforms. We also have it available for you to listen on OrbemOrder.com/music.

Pre-Order Available!

final cover art

It’s an exciting day and one step closer to release. Orbem is now available for pre-order on amazon. This is for the kindle version so if you’re interested in only physical copies you’ll still have to wait until the release date. Scott V. Adrian wanted to allow everyone to get first dibs on their copy […]