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Streaming On Twitch and YouTube!

Scott V. Adrian has been building the “Orbem” universe for half a decade now. As he has been forced not to write the continuation of his novel series “The Homonian Chronicles” due to editing phases and or promotional release schedules, he has put time into creating content and other media related to the Orbem world […]

First Draft Complete!

It wasn’t easy, but between all the work with the re-release of Orbem, the production of the Orbem audio book plus a whole bunch of side projects and the full time job, Scott V. Adrian has finished the first draft of Book 2 in the Homonian Chronicles series.The title of the sequel to Orbem has […]

Orbem out now!

Yes, this might sound like deja vu, but in an effort to reach as many people as possible and spread the knowledge of Orbem’s existence, Scott V. Adrian has decided to re-release his debut award winning novel “Orbem” with a brand new genre appropriate cover and additional content. On top of the new release, we’re […]

The Orbem Order did it again!

Even with all the hard work going into the novel “Orbem” release, The Orbem Order managed to put out a brand new single named “Froshile” after the brash fish-man caught in the pool under the waterfall of th Highlands. Froshile was minding his own business when Graeme transported all the water from the natural spring […]

Orbem is a 2023 Fall BookFest award winner!

It was a tough race with a lot of amazing entries, but in the end Orbem pulled a win at the 2023 Fall BookFest awards! In his debut entry, Scott V. Adrian got third place in the coveted Sci-Fi – Humorous category. The results were announced during The Book Fest award ceremonies Oct 21-22. Orbem […]

2 chapters for FREE?

That is correct. For a limited time, we’re offering the chance for you to dip your feet into the world of Orbem for FREE! The first 2 chapters of Orbem are available to anyone who signups up and joins the order. Its simple: That’s it! You’ll be on your way to Orbem in a flash. […]

Orbem is a 2023 Bookfest Award Finalist!

Orbem has been accepted into the 2023 BookFest Awards We are absolutely thrilled to share this exciting news, and our hearts swell with pride as we announce that “Orbem” has achieved the remarkable distinction of being selected as a finalist in the highly competitive Fiction > Sci-Fi – Humorous category for the prestigious 2023 BookFest […]

Orbem Dog Tested

We know that nobody asked the question, but due to unforeseen events the answer has been given. Are large breed dogs part of the Orbem demographic? Unfortunately after one case study with a 60 pound Black Labrador Retriever, we can conclusively say that NO the SciFi Fantasy novel Orbem (now available on amazon) written by […]

Author spotlight

Check out this all new author spotlight on Scott V. Adrian. There’s an interesting Q&A about Scott and gives a little insight into his process for writing Orbem. If you get to the end you might even get a sneak preview of the future of the Homonian Chronicles!

Orbem is published!!!

Yes after years of development, the long awaited SciFi Portal Fantasy Orbem, is now officially published and open to the public. You can pick up your copy right now on amazon! It’s available as both paper back and kindle versions so you can read it anywhere, anytime. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to […]