Orbem publishes Friday!

Orbem countdown screenshot.

It’s been a crazy few years, but after all this time, Orbem is finally going to publish to the world. All current preorders will instantly be fulfilled to your Kindle library so you can start reading right away!

For those who prefer the feel of a physical copy and want this beautiful artwork for their bookshelf at home, Orbem is also available in paperback with hardcover set to release soon after.

Thanks to everyone who has preordered on amazon or has added to their “want to read” list on GoodReads. We’re glad the concept and synopsis has been intriguing enough to grab the attention of a few!

Stay tuned for more content related to the release of Orbem. There will be a multi-channel marketing campaign to try to get Orbem on the amazon best sellers list! Scott V. Adrian will be appearing on a number of podcasts and at some conventions to bring the Homonian Chronicles series into the public eye even more!

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