Orbem is finished!

count down

Yes, like the title says, Orbem, the Sci-Fi Portal Fantasy written by Scott V. Adrian has been finalized for release. With a little more than a month until its publish date on Amazon the final typesetting and graphic work has been finished for both the paper back and e-book formats.

There are plenty of beautiful chapter graphics and even a neat surprise graphic set inside the pages for readers to enjoy. Scott V. Adrian has hand typeset this novel himself lending his vision to every piece from the font choices to the page numbers. Depending on its reception, this might be the only version of Orbem that is his closely hand crafted by its author so you definitely wont want to miss picking up the first edition.

Scott V. Adrian has also handled the e-book creation so that kindle users will be able to read the novel on any device size and be able to update the font size as they wish.

At the time of this post publish there are 35 more days until publish! Stay tuned for plenty of more announcements and updates as the book is available for order.

If you haven’t yet go ahead and preorder the kindle version now.