Welcome to OrbemOrder.com

While my editor takes the next couple of months to work on Orbem, I took it upon myself to build OrbemOrder.com. I really wanted to build a place that has the same feel as my book, but expands on the story with new content and fun interactions.

I’m planning on having plenty of quizzes to kill time with. I know how addicting they can be, and who doesn’t want to know what character would be their best friend?

Another big reason for the website is to display concept art and media based on Orbem. I always loved to put pictures to the characters of the novels I read.

One other important feature of OrbemOrder.com is the extensive information on characters and areas that I plan on giving you access to. I’ll try to avoid any spoilers, but for those who want more in depth knowledge of the people and places in Orbem, they’ll have plenty to immerse themselves into.