Which Orbem Character Would Be Your Best Friend?


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Which Orbem Character Would Be Your Best Friend?
Dr. Graeme Milford

Confident and smart. Graeme Milford has a smart-ass sense of humor. He is a fan of anime and ancient weapons. You and Graeme would be like two peas in a pod as you transport around Orbem, laughing and fighting whatever comes your way.
Corinder Greytuft

Young Corinder Greytuft is the bravest of the Greytuft clan. If you don't count his grandpa Jeroke or his mother Khalia that is. Corinder is a giant sweetheart with expert level outdoor survival skills. You and him will enjoy camping, eating, telling long stories and eating. You better bring enough gworen for three.
Dr. Ioana Negrescu

The Romanian goddess. Ioana is strong, fast, beautiful and intelligent. She loves to sleep, research and play video games. You and Ioana could talk about music and science until the sun comes up. You both would spend your days mostly apart, but that is why she is the best friend you could have. No one needs a best friend around everyday.
Koromere Valdoro Berastiam

We know Koromere has a bad rap, but that's something you both have in common. Koromere is highly intelligent and confident. As an ageless being, he is wise as he is hilarious. Did I mention magic? Having Koromere as you best friend comes with many magical perks. He enjoys relaxing at home with a glass of wine-like liquid. You too can enjoy a board game and talk about your love of snakes.
Dr. Genie Smith

It looks like you enjoy a bit of torture from your best friends. Genie is outspoken, easily agitated, and loud. Being a healthy middle-aged Irish women, Genie is known to enjoy a drink or six. Never shy, you'll have no problems having a good time with Genie. You can spend your nights with Genie at Caninth Village's first bar (which she comissioned). You like to get in physical altercations with your best friends while drinking? Perfect.
Forno Redfang

A tough guy eh? You want to hang with the Redfangs? Forno is cocky, loyal and a natural born leader. There can only be one alpha, but being a beta to Forno isn't so bad. Loyal to a fault, if any Greytuft gives you trouble Forno has your back. You love to fight for your family and keep the weak in line. Just watch out for the Blue Flash Blade!
A wise guy huh? Froshile is no stranger to trouble. He's crafty, sneaky, funny and looks out for numero uno. After meeting up with Graeme and the gang, he's opened up to the idea of friendship. You can spend your days lifting Elven treasures and hiding out. Hope you love the beach, because every few weeks you'll need to hydrate. Enjoy your trips to Meridian cities. I'm sure you can learn to hold your breath a while.
John Fourie

Your best friend happens to be Graeme's best friend. John is the ultimate friend. Strong, funny, intelligent, a bit juvenile for his age and passionate. He enjoys japanese anything and robots. Japanese robots too. You two can hang out at the blacksmith's forge or work on some machinery. There will never be a dull moment or smile-less face. You might need to share his time with Genie though.
Sionnah Blazerine

Sionnah Blazerine in Orbem Academy's library

So you're a proud nerd? Well so is Sionnah. She is knowledgable, strong, emotional, and polite. You and Sionnah would spend hours talking about history and the anthropology. Need a book recommendation? Your best friend Sionnah has you covered. You both can share your love of travel and have an adventure. I would avoid Spinebeck Village.

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