Miropelia Is Out Now!

The time has come. Book 2 of the Homonian Chronicles and highly anticipated sequel to the award winning 5 star Sci-Fi novel “Orbem” has been published today!

The Premise:

Me and my friends escaped certain death in our universe and are now stuck in Orbem. Though I wonder, is it better to fight a super-powered CEO or psychotic evil sorcerer?

After establishing our new lives in this foreign universe of fantasy, we’re now ready to begin our journey of progression in an attempt to grow strong enough to return to our world and defeat the CEO of Foresight.

The only question is…how?

Some of us will travel deep under the Barren Sea to meet the Meridians, while the rest of us answer a distress call to Miropelia, the world of the Homonians.

Utilizing every inch of our knowledge, skill, and technology, we’ll traverse these new lands while trying to avoid capture and more certain death.

And with the ever growing threat of goblins on the rise, us Earth-folk will no doubt be forced to fight alongside our Orbem friends.

Continue the journey with Graeme, Ioana and the rest of the gang as they uncover the sinister plot of Orbem’s most powerful sorcerer and learn more about the mysterious Homonians in an attempt to avoid a new Orbem War.

Miropelia is now available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats with an audio book in the works being currently recorded now. As always you can always read the novel using your Kindle Unlimited account.

If you haven’t had a chance to introduce yourself to the series, feel free to get caught up by reading “Orbem” before checking out this newest story in the series.