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Orbem Merch Available Now!

Immerse Yourself in the Sci-Fi Fantasy World of Orbem with New Merch Available on OrbemOrder.com! Greetings, fellow adventurers and lovers of fantastical realms! We have thrilling news that will transport you to the captivating universe of Orbem, the sci-fi fantasy novel written by the talented author Scott V. Adrian. OrbemOrder.com, the exclusive online store dedicated […]

New music dropped. The Caninth.

You can now hear The Orbem Order’s first single “The Caninth” on all of your music platforms. We also have it available for you to listen on OrbemOrder.com/music.

Pre-Order Available!

final cover art

It’s an exciting day and one step closer to release. Orbem is now available for pre-order on amazon. This is for the kindle version so if you’re interested in only physical copies you’ll still have to wait until the release date. Scott V. Adrian wanted to allow everyone to get first dibs on their copy […]


That’s right. We couldn’t stop at just a book, website, and video game. Under the artist name “The Orbem Order” we will be releasing 3 singles in the near future to all the major music repositories. If you like power metal or rock, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for our first single […]

Beginning of the End

We see the light at the end of the tunnel. Scott Adrian got his final draft back from the proofreader, another highly qualified editor that he was lucky to get access to, and he took a pass to approve the edits. Orbem has never been so tight and readable. Now that the book is written […]

Third or twelfth draft complete!

Scott Adrian doesn’t actually know what constitutes a draft anymore. He has reread and rewritten Orbem a dozen times or so now. Scott Adrian’s last proofreader turned into a pretty consequential developmental editor. He learned so much about character and scene arcs as well as ex machina. This has lead to some major tightening and […]

Second Draft Complete!

Representations of Orbem items

It took a lot longer than expected, but I finally muscled in the final few chapters of the second draft of the first volume of “Orbem” this past holiday weekend. Great way to start off 2022. With all of the comments from my editor resolved/rejected and a decent rewrite of the main character on top […]

Halfway through second draft!

Orbem Vol. 1

While but a crawl, Orbem Vol. 1 is halfway through the first pass of the second draft. Having written most of the first draft from my phone at my convenience, due to the MS doc editor comments and revisions I am forced to work via my computer only. At the halfway point of the second […]

Explore Orbem!

I’m currently developing a large interactive Orbem game based on the book. You get to choose your avatar, which are character’s from Orbem. Each character has a different experience with the places on the map. There are a lot of fun bits of information from the character’s perspective. Collect points for every location you visit! […]

Welcome to OrbemOrder.com

While my editor takes the next couple of months to work on Orbem, I took it upon myself to build OrbemOrder.com. I really wanted to build a place that has the same feel as my book, but expands on the story with new content and fun interactions. I’m planning on having plenty of quizzes to […]