Beginning of the End

We see the light at the end of the tunnel. Scott Adrian got his final draft back from the proofreader, another highly qualified editor that he was lucky to get access to, and he took a pass to approve the edits.

Orbem has never been so tight and readable. Now that the book is written the real work begins. Hes begun a collaboration with a very talented cover artist and are very in sync with their vision. They’re also creating a professional map based on my Orbem explore video game map and we’re adding a character sheet using the character illustrations Scott Adrian commissioned a year or so ago.

Scott Adrian has been reaching out to a lot of authors, tech leaders, and blogs to collect some reviews for the back cover blurbs. It’s been really tough getting bites without a traditional publisher but he’s mostly just killing time until the cover art is finished. Most likely the couple reviews will be from tech leaders Scott Adrian knows.

2023 is really the year we’ll be publishing Orbem. It’s a surreal feeling since Scott Adrian had been working on this for so long. Here’s hoping.