Written by Scott Adrian

vol. 1 coming 2021

Welcome to OrbemOrder.com. The website based on the sci-fi fantasy novel Orbem written by Scott Adrian. This website is an extension of Orbem and should be seen as a continuation of it’s magic.


Reading is fun, but sometimes you just want to game. When scrolling through your kindle isn’t enough, immerse yourself into the world of Orbem.

Go and get your game on by playing this Orbem themed exploration game!


Your imagination is a wonderful thing. Reading paints pictures on the canvas of your neurons. That’s great, but want to see what other people see?

Check out this collection of artist renditions of Orbem characters and places!


Nothing is more important than knowledge. It’s something that no one can take away from you.

Our blog contains NEW Orbem news. Why not soak up some of it?

Get the Gear

Take a trip to ye’ol market place for all your Orbem related merchandise.

Find yourself sifting through Spinebeck Village carts for various Orbem related merchandise. Just don’t steal any cloaks. Harilizard’s aren’t fond of shoplifters.

What do you want to know?

Reach out to the author of Orbem. He loves to talk about Orbem. Not only has he made up more detailed Orbem information than you can handle, but he can also tell you all the dark secrets about Orbem’s characters.

Of course, he is also open to any other questions, concerns, praise or hate you wish to throw his way.

Go ahead and reach out via the contact form right now!

example of orbem explore game.

I can walk around Orbem!?

That is correct! Now you can take all that pent up Orbem love you gained during the read and unleash it in the Orbem Explore game.

Choose your character, see the sites. Get all new dialogue based AFTER the book’s timeline.
Every character has a unique experience so play them all. COLLECT THE POINTS!

Enjoy your session while visiting OrbemOrder.com, the website based on the sci-fi fantasy novel Orbem written by Scott Adrian.